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12-11-12, 08:24 PM
Has anyone used numbing cream before giving a needle to their horse? I know hospitals use Emla cream for kids, but anyone have any experiences - good or bad - using it on horses?

12-11-12, 08:35 PM
Never heard of it being used on horses but it would be good for the sensitive types that are hard to needle! Will watch thread with interest :)

12-11-12, 08:44 PM
I would be surprised if such a cream was of much value on a hairy horse to be honest.
To get maximum benefit I would think that a patch would need to be shaved and I cannot see too many people wanting to shave patches off their horses. They are also only very superficial in their action as well.

12-11-12, 09:00 PM
Horses also don't absorb stuff through their skin in quite the way we do ... so couldn't see it being very effective.

Slightly off topic ... but relevant ... on a visit to Portugal, my friend and I ended up going around to chemists trying to find bonjela teething cream ... trying to explain that when we didn't speak Portuguese was very funny ... even funnier was trying to explain why we didn't have a baby and we wanted it for a horse :D

12-11-12, 09:17 PM
Both of the active ingredients in Emla Cream are on the FEI prohibited substances list.

12-11-12, 09:25 PM
Many many moons ago when I had my tummy pierced I put xylocaine gel on the area prior to getting it done.

Not sure if it would work on a horse?

12-11-12, 09:39 PM
Most horses continue to react to being needled when they feel the solution going in to the muscle. A surface numbing agent wouldn't penetrate deep enough to take the pain away.