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Old 19-12-11, 10:39 AM
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Well that makes more sense.

DT has apparently been having a field day out here too. Living in one of the biggest hay producing areas in the state, i have seen all manners of transporting hay, and they all seem to want to squeeze just a few last bales on. Some loads i have seen remind me of those pics of way, way overloaded trucks in developing countries. All that is missing is the 50 or so people hitching a ride on top!!
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Old 19-12-11, 10:46 AM
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I know in QLD now, if they want they can be nasty and fine for unsecured loads.

The ruling for securing loads now is actually a mesh cover and there is a size limit on the sqaures of mesh. We holiday in Bundaberg regularly and EVERY tradie up there has mesh throws over their utes. They get fined if they don't. They've been known to find people for a pair of boots in a ute unsecured! Not sure about dogs but I think they're meant to be caged rather than tied.

As my OH is a tradie we looked into QLD law and yes, they are pushing the mesh but it seems only certain suburbs are cracking down on it. So be aware.
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Old 19-12-11, 02:53 PM
Berani Berani is offline
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Again in QLD, we keep some 'extra horses' (young / not in work / geriatric) on a block about 10 mins drive from home, and I had dropped off to them a round bale of Rhodes grass that I'd paid far too much for and was driving home on the back roads.
I had basically flicked out the majority of all the loose grass bits from the ute tray with my hand - but there were obviously a few little bits left over that would blow out of the tray on the drive home.
About 2km down the road, being followed by a police car, got flashing lights so pulled over.
1st challenge was explaining the large kitchen knife in the centre console beside me (which, wearing muddy boots and not wanting to trek through the house and being in a hurry and not wanting to remove them), I had grabbed whatever I could reach from the doorway - being the knife block on kitchen counter, in order to cut the round bale mesh. Lesson learned, I now keep a small retractable key ring carton knife in the glove box of the car.
2nd challenge, was then given a stern lecture about securing loads and loose debris being dangerous to drivers behind you (of which there was bugger all of nothing - have seen more falling from loads of garden waste on trailers going to the dump, but anyway?)...point taken, now keep a tiny camping dustpan and brush behind the back seat.

No fines or tickets (thankfully), just a lecture and a red face...figured it must've been a slow work day?
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Old 19-12-11, 04:26 PM
secretsquirrel secretsquirrel is offline
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Yes it can be dangerous if something flies off a car...

...but for heavens sake.... we have increasing crime every day, grafitti, robberies, ridiculously dangerous driving, you name it.

Wouldn't the police be better employed dealing with that?
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Old 19-12-11, 05:46 PM
Fancythat Fancythat is offline
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Came home one day to find a round bale outside my front gate, we live on a major highway and in a big hay growing area, would have been very scary following and having a round bale fly off at you.Did not take long for someone to come and start loading it into the boot of their car,they must have made 4 trips LOL.
We have stacks of feed and I couldn't be bothered risking life and limb foraging on the side the highway.
I think it is a good thing that they are fining people for unsecured loads,the roads are rough and it is very dangerous,now for them to fine the dump trucks that have bits of rock and other debris falling off.
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