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Old 13-04-13, 06:00 PM
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Question Fractured Sesamoid - Returning to Work?

I have had Quays in yard rest locked up for over a month and he has improved a huge amount. So much so I can't spot lameness any-more, he's playing, cantering, turning and using his leg really well....(he was locked up when it rained and had a bit of a spack out when I let him back into his yard).

It's been approximately 5 months since the initial injury, how long would you wait having him locked up before beginning light work/turning him out.

I'm waiting for the diagnosing vet to get back to me
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Old 13-04-13, 07:40 PM
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If he was mine I'd try him and see, if he is ready he will be ok to bring back in, if he isnt, he will be sore, or lame. Let your horse be your guide after the vet gives the go ahead.
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