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(All entry fees, admission charges and prize money are GST inclusive.)


1.   Close of Entries Entries close on Tuesday 31st December 2013 at 4.00pm. Postal to: Barastoc, Equestrian  Victoria, PO Box 616, Werribee, VIC 3030 or online www.nominate.com.au

Late entries will be accepted up to 5.00pm Friday 3rd January 2014; however a 50% surcharge will apply to entry fees only.


2.   The Organising Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry or vary the conditions of any event or to cancel any event without assigning a reason.


3.   ENTRY FEES: As stated on Section Headings. No refunds/scratching or substituting after entries close.


4.   Facility Fee Exhibitors will be required to pay a compulsory Facility Fee of $16.00 per horse/pony entered, per day.This fee will be passed onto the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre.


5.   Security Fee. In order to protect the venue, sponsor signs and exhibitors equipment, the Committee has decided to set a fee to cover the cost of overnight security during the 2014 Show. Exhibitors will be required to pay a compulsory Security Fee of $6.00 per horse/pony entered.


6.   Registration of Horses – under the new EA/EV membership and horse registration structure horses entered for Barastoc Horse of the Year may be either FULL HORSE REGISTERED or BASE HORSE REGISTERED. Please refer to www.equestrianvictoria.com.au – rules,regs and forms for full information of new registration structure.


7.   Insurance & Membership. The Equestrian Australia membership number must be shown on the entry form, in the space provided. Entrants for the Barastoc Horse of the Year for 2014 may be either COMPETITOR OR PARTICIPANT level EA/EV members. Please refer to Equestrian Victoria website under Rules, Regs and forms – Nationals Membership Structure for clarification. Current membership of an affliated Breed Society is acceptable where specified in the program.All Owners, riders or handlers must comply with the membership requirements.


8.   Exhibit Numbers. Exhibit Numbers will be supplied by the Organising Committee. Exhibitors will be required to collect their Exhibit Numbers from the Secretary’s Office on arrival. Exhibitors will be issued with their paid copy of the Program, when collecting Exhibit Numbers.


9.   Exhibitor Passes. Exhibitors will not be issued with Complimentary Passes. However, exhibitors may purchase an Exhibitors Pass ($30) with their entries. An Exhibitors Pass will admit an exhibitor’s horse transporting vehicle and its occupants. Only exhibitors able to produce an Exhibitors Pass will be allowed entry to the venue at no charge. Where an Exhibitors Pass cannot be produced the following admission charges will apply –

  Adults Children under 16 Pensioners Family
(with adequate proof) (2 adults 2 children)
One Day $16 $8 $8 $35
Season $30 $18 $18 $50


10. Drug Testing and Swabbing. The Committee reserves the right to take blood and/or urine samples from all or any horse/s present at Werribee Park in accordance with the EA Rules and/or the relevant regulations contained  in Equestrian Victoria.


11. Measuring. Horses and Ponies not measured prior to the event must be presented for measuring on the day of competition at a time to be advised. In the event of a height variation, an exhibit will be transferred to the correct category. All exhibitors may be requested to produce Original Height Certificates on the day. Exhibitors not able to do so will have their horses measured. Those that have a current EV/EA measurement certificate need to produce a certificate at the administration office to have the exhibit number stamped


12. Heats. Horses entered in classes, which are conducted in heats, must compete in the heat drawn. Failure to present for the heat drawn will result in automatic elimination.


13. Finalists (All Saddle Classes) Once a finalist for a class has been selected, there will be no substitution should a horse/s not present for final judging.


14. Objections. Any objections or protests must be made in writing and signed, and handed to the secretary with a deposit of AUS$250 prior to the commencement of judging for the class concerned or within thirty (30) minutes after presen- tation of sashes/ribbons. The Committee or their appointed representative/s shall determine the objection and will call such evidence as they think fit. If the decision goes against the objector, he/she will forfeit his/her deposit of AU$250 and be liable for any expenses occasioned by the objection. Should the objection be allowed by the Committee, the deposit will be refunded. Should the objector wish to appeal the Committee’s decision, he/she must lodge an appeal in accordance with the rules of Equestrian Australia.


15. Handler’s Attire. Horses may be held in Ring centre during preliminary judging, however handlers must be correctly dressed. Handlers wearing shorts and thongs, or tracksuits will not be permitted into the ring.


16. Eligibility for Championship Awards. In Sections where a Panel of Judges carries out the judging of the “Championship Award”, the onus is on the owner/exhibitor to ensure the horse and themselves are eligible to compete under any of the Judges concerned. No Judge will stand aside for the judging of a “Championship Award”.


17. Age of Horses. The minimum age of a horse competing in the Saddle Sections is three (3) years of age. Age of Riders. The age of a Rider will be as per the first day (13/2/2014) of the Show, unless stated otherwise.


18. Whips. The maximum length for whips is 78 cm, including flaps.


19. Costume. When riding ponies 14 hands & under riders must wear jodhpurs and short boots, except in Dressage.


20. Helmets. Approved Equestrian Helmets must be worn at all times when riding at the WPNEC for riders 18yrs and under. For the purpose of competition only, competitors over 18 years of age may wear a top hat or similar in any class. The

wearing of these hats is only allowed from your stable to competition arena and return. At all other times an approved and fastened helmet must be worn.


21. Stabling. All enquiries can be made by visiting www.wpnec.com.au or by phoning Werribee Park on (03) 9741 7672. Stable booking form is attached. Additional forms can be downloaded from WPNEC website or www.vic.equestrian.org.au Stables must not be on sold.


22. Bullying Policy: Please refer to the website.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  if cancellation is required due to existing or predicted severe and dangerous conditions such as Code Red Fire Warnings / Flood or travel warnings / disease outbreaks a message will be available on 03 9013 0707


REFUND POLICY – If an event has commenced there will be no refunds.  • If an event is cancelled prior to commencement of the event – costs incurred by the show committee prior to the show will be paid and remaining funds will be reimbursed to the entrant if the amount per exhibitor is $2 or more.  • If an event is postponed entry fees will not be refunded without a written request from the exhibitor within 7 days of the notification of postponement.

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