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First Ridden Show Pony. Rider 8 years and under

First Ridden Show Hunter Saddle Pony. Rider 8 years and under

First Ridden Show Pony. Rider 9 years and not over 12 years

First Ridden Show Hunter Pony. Rider 9 years and not over 12 years.


Conditions of Entry

•All owners must be current financial members of EA at the time of entry and on the day of the show or have taken up the Barastoc Insurance option. Refer Section 7 in Conditions of entry.

• All Ponies in the First Ridden Class must be registered with EA.

• Open to ponies 12.2 hands and under, ridden by children 12 years and under.

• Ponies in the First Ridden Saddle Pony Championship will trot on the circle together and will only canter during individual workouts.

• Snaffle bit must be used; Simple eggbut or loose ring snaffle, jointed or straight.

• Judged on conformation, manners and paces and suitability as a small child’s mount.

• Spurs not permitted.

• Riders must be 12 years and under on the day of the Show. Riders must be able to produce Birth Certificates upon request.

• Riders need not be Members of EA.

• Stallions not eligible.

• Ponies entered in Class 60 and 62 First Ridden Show Pony may not be entered in Class 61 and 63 First Ridden Show Hunter Pony and vice versa.

• Ponies may be entered in as many classes as eligible, based on age of the rider or height of pony. However, a pony that wins a class may not compete in other First Ridden classes at the 2013 Show.



• Winner: The winners will receive an embroidered horse rug, garland and an inscribed sash. The winning rider will receive an inscribed sash.

• Sashes: Sashes will be awarded to 6th place.

• Special Prize: A special prize will be awarded to all riders in this class.



• To be advised

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