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Newcomer Show Horse.

Newcomer Show Galloway

Newcomer Large Show Pony

Newcomer Small Show Pony

Newcomer Shetland

Newcomer Small Show Hunter Pony

Newcomer Large Show Hunter Pony

Newcomer Show Hunter Galloway

Newcomer Show Hunter Horse


Conditions of Entry


Newcomer of the Year

•All riders and owners (class 141 - 144) must be current financial members of EA at the time of entry and on the day of the show or have taken up the Barastoc Insurance option. Refer Section 7 in Conditions of entry.

• All horses (Class 141 - 144) must be registered with EA.

• All Shetland Ponies (Class 145) must be registered with either EA and/or the Australian Pony Stud Book Society. They must be pure-bred Shetlands to enter.

• Open to all Horses, Galloways, Large and Small Ponies and Shetlands, which have not competed under saddle prior to 1st May 2012 as a Show horse.

• Horses, which have competed under saddle in Victoria or other States prior to the 1st May 2011, are not eligible to compete.

• Led class performances gained before 1st May 2012 do not exclude an animal from competing providing the animal has not competed under saddle. Animals, which have competed under saddle in breed classes before 1st May 2011 are not eligible.

• Ponies, which have competed in: Leading Rein and have not competed off the lead, ie. Miniature Turnouts ONLY prior to 1st May 2012, are eligible to start in the Newcomer Pony Classes.

• An exhibit not required to be exhibited under saddle prior to the Barastoc Horse of the Year Show. An exhibit’s first show may therefore be the Barastoc Horse of the Year Show if the exhibitor wishes.

• Performance qualifications are not required.

• Entry in the Newcomers of the Year section does not exclude an animal from competition in the open section on Sunday if qualified. But may not compete if they have competed as a hunter.

• Snaffle bit must be used; Simple eggbut or loose ring snaffle, jointed or straight.

• Stallions not eligible.

• Preliminary judging will be carried out in the morning to determine the final field in each class. It is expected that the final judging will commence at 12.30pm and conclude by 5.30pm.


• Winners (Classes 141 - 144) - The winner of each class will receive $200, an embroidered horse rug, garland and an inscribed sash.

• Winner (Class 145) - The winner will receive $100, an embroidered horse rug, garland and an inscribed sash.

• Reserves: Sash and $100 for classes (141 - 144). $50 for Reserve of class 145.

• Finalists (Classes 141 - 145) - All will receive an inscribed sash.

Conditions of Entry

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Newcomer Show Hunter of the Year

•Exhibitor/Owner/Handler must be financial members of the EA or have taken up the Barastoc Insurance option. Refer Section 7 in Conditions of entry

• All horses must be registered with EA.

• Show Hunters are Ponies, Galloways and Hacks with more substance than the modern Riding Pony and Show Hack but still maintaining quality. They are expected to move freely at all paces. Show Hunters may at any time be expected to gallop for the Judge. In classes 41 and 42 this will only be asked for individually, but may be asked for collectively during both preliminary and final judging in classes 43 and 44 inclusive. Show Hunters are not expected to jump.

• This section will be judged in Indoor Arena No 2.

• The turnout for Show Hunters is more subdued than that of Show Pony and Hack classes. There should be no coloured browbands on horses or ponies, or multi coloured hair ribbons and flowers on child riders. Junior riders in classes 41 and 42 should not wear top boots.

• Stallions not eligible.

• Competitors in this Section are not eligible for Section 20 (Open Saddle Classes), section 16 (Newcomer Section) or section 5 (Junior

Saddle Horses).


• Winners: The winners will receive a Cotton Rug and Sash.

• Reserve: Receive a Sash

• 3rd – 10th : Will receive a Finalist Sash

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