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Horse of the Year

Galloway of the Year

Large Pony of the Year

Small Pony of the Year


Conditions of Entry


1. Only horses which have entered Newcomers (Section 16 & 3), Show Hunters under Saddle (Section 12) or Open Saddle (Section 20) are eligible to enter the Owner Rider Section.


2. Horses must be the bona fide property of the owner or the owner’s immediate family (mother, father, sister or brother of competitor). Exhibitors and owners must be current financial members of EA or have taken up the Barastoc  Insurance option. Refer Section 7 in Conditions of entry. Horses must be registered with EA. A lessee is not considered as the bona fide owner. Horses owned in partnership are not eligible.


3. Any Horse, Galloway or Pony which places as champion or reserve in the Newcomer (Sections 16 & 3), Show Hunter under Saddle (Section 12) classes at the current Barastoc Horse of the Year Show is not eligible to compete in any of the Owner Rider Classes.


4. Horses or Pony’s in this class must be ridden by the owner or owners immediate family only.


5. Exhibitors may enter multiple exhibits but will only be eligible to compete on one exhibit – one horse one rider


6. No refunds/scratching or substituting after entries close


7. These classes will be scheduled to run at the same time as the equivalent Open Saddle Finals – if you make the Top Ten Final you

are required to start in the Open Barastoc Section.



• All horses must be registered with the Equestrian Victoria, at the time entries are lodged.

• Riders (12 years and over) must be current financial members of the EA at the time of entry and on the day of competition.



• Winners: The winner of each class will receive an embroidered horse rug, sash and garland.

• Sashes: Will be awarded to sixth placing in all classes.


Judge: TBA

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