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Pony 12 hands and under, ridden by a child 14 years and under

Pony over 12 and not over 13 hands, ridden by a child 16 years and under

Pony over 13 and not over 14 hands

Galloway rider any age

Horse over 15 hands not exceeding 16 hands

Horse over 16 Hands


Conditions of Entry

•All riders and owners must be current financial members of EA at the time of entry and on the day of the show or have taken up the Barastoc Insurance option. Refer Section 7 in Conditions of entry.

• All horses (Classes 77 - 83) must be registered with EA.

• Stallions not eligible.

• Competitors in this Section are not eligible for Section 20 (Open saddle) or section 16 (Newcomer Horses) but may compete in owner rider.

• The age of the rider will be as on the first day of the Show.

• Show Hunters are Ponies, Galloways and Hacks with more substance than the modern Riding Pony and Show Hack but still maintaining quality. They are expected to move freely at all paces. Show Hunters may at any time be expected to gallop for the Judge. In classes 77 and 78 this will only be asked for individually, but may be asked for collectively during both preliminary and final judging in classes 79 - 83 inclusive. Show Hunters are not expected to jump.

• The turnout for Show Hunters is more subdued than that of Show Pony and Hack classes. There should be no coloured browbands on horses or ponies, or multi coloured hair ribbons and flowers on child riders. Junior riders in classes 73, 74 should not wear top boots.

• Hunting attire is acceptable in the larger horse classes and formal hunting attire is welcomed in the finals in the evening.



• The winner of classes (77, 78, 79, 81, 82, 83) will receive a voucher valued at $150 and Trophy Rug donated by Mal Byrne Master Saddler, sash and garland.

• The reserves of classes (77, 78, 79, 81, 82, 83) will receive a voucher valued at $60 donated by Mal Byrne Master Saddler and sash

• All finalists: will receive a commemorative sash.



• Judge TBA

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